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Iggy Pop defined him a "proper rock star" after watching one of his performances. Currently, in addition to continual performing and touring, Marco Cinelli has a new EP "Watch Me Movin'" out October 2016.





Watch Me Movin’ is a collection of singles where Marco Cinelli takes on an electro pop-rock sound. The collection has a multitude of influences but is unique in composition and lyrics. Marco attributes the success of the album to the dedication of his team and fans. All of the songs are co-written, co-produced, co-published, and the project was funded by fans via crowdfunding on European Kiss Kiss Bank Bank in merely 4 days. 

The whole of the songs focus on love brought out through different forms: an erotic experience (Kill You), a struggling couple (Ride on, You Watch Me Movin', and Ruthless Game). Oh Oh is the only song with a more generic focus, not referring to any one biographical experience specifically, but focusing on a “seize-the-moment” approach to life.

The final selection of the songs were produced by Antoine Blanc (Balablan), who together with Marco, shaped the final record with masters completed by Tom Coyne from the Sterling Studio in New York City.

Most of the tracks were recorded in Berlin, Germany featuring Marco Cinelli on guitar and keys,  Alessandro Cinelli (The Second Sons, Dana Gillespie) on drums and Xavier Zolli (Aloe Blacc, Gaelle Buswel) on bass. 

To purchase the pre-release of the album, visit iTunes today.


YOU Watch Me Movin'

The Single: You Watch Me Movin' is an evolutional song, during which the conditions of the teller shift from a good point to a worse one, referring to the multiple facets of an intense love relationship, that, in order to be kept alive and going, it needs at least one of the two to make a change.

The word "movin’" has two meanings: either referring to the motion of the body as in an act of dance, but also, and more semantically pertinent, the shifting from a sentimental condition to an other. 

The sound is a mix between classic rock such as The Rolling Stones or more generally British rock alongside with some 70’s dance hooks found in music today with the 70's revival wave. 

Photo by Jo Fenz

Photo by Jo Fenz

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In the video, Marco talks about his personal journey and background for the upcoming release of his collection.