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Iggy Pop defined him a "proper rock star" after watching one of his performances. Currently, in addition to continual performing and touring, Marco Cinelli has a new EP "Watch Me Movin'" out October 2016.

RIDE ON lyrics

(M. Cinelli - J. Kelley - J. Norris - D. Piednoir)

Waitin, waitin' on a sign that may never come
Praying, maybe there's a reason I'm holding on.

For once in our lives
Maybe there's no one to blame
Cause every time
The fighting's just feeding the flames.

Baby why can't we get along (ride on, ride on)
Don't know what I've been doin wrong (ride on, ride on)
Demons whispering in my ear that I should be gone
But I don't know why I just can't ride on.

You got me, feelin torn to pieces over it all
Should I leave or should I keep holdin on

For once in my life
I wanna follow that wild wind
Cause you know I've tried
And I might be ready to ride.

II need you

Still need you to feel me

I feel you

Need you to feel me too.

New video debut end of summer

After the success of the release of the single Oh Oh (Blasted Out), a new song is already work in progress and ready to come out with a new fantastic Video Clip at the end of summer. This will be the second of a six-songs-EP also ready to be launched digitally at the begin of fall 2016. Its title will be WATCH ME MOVIN', and it's just the result of the successful crowdfunding campaign Kiss Kiss Bank Bank started previously during summer 2015. A gigantic thank you to all the fans and the funders, this thing is for real now coming to light. Stay tuned folks!

Marco Cinelli wins Paco Rabanne BlackXS

Check out Iggy Pop announcing the winner of the Black XS

More on : Subscribe to the Paco Rabanne Channel : AND THE WINNERS ARE... Watch Iggy Pop reveal the five winners of the Black XS Records Edition 2. They will have the chance to record an album together that will go out on November, 16th !